It’s True


I don’t believe yer.

It’s true, a big hairy one.


Geroff, you’d hear it.

Some have, screeching at night.


But what does he feed it?

The lines of those kept in at break.


No bird would eat those.

Who said it was a bird?


You did.

No, I never. There’s other things


than birds go screeching at night.

It makes its nest in chalk dust.


Now I know you’re fibbing.

I’m not, actually.


OK, then, why has no-one ever seen it?

Some have, shifting from foot


to foot in the stock cupboard.

Have you?


No. But I dare you to go.

No way. I don’t care what


sort of animal that is, there’s no way

I’d try and look in that stock cupboard.


You know what sir’s like.

We’d better get these lines done


before the bell goes.

I must not witter on in class.

I must not witter on in class.

I must not witter on i


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