Michael Frayn's fascinating and intricate novel, Spies, considered by many to be his finest work, is a popular choice for study, as well as possessing great appeal for the general reader. Surprisingly, this is the first critical evaluation of it. Angela Topping investigates the threads Frayn weaves together so skilfully as, through flashback, he recreates a wartime narrative that still haunts the hero years after the events took place. Through close analysis, she demonstrates Frayn's attention to detail as he gradually reveals the full identities of the narrator and the RAF deserter whose death he unwittingly hastens.

Greenwich Exchange 2008


The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories by Angela Carter is a dazzling and complex work. While the stories are extremely readable, appreciation is augmented by possessing an understanding of the intertextual richness of the tales and their literary sources. Angela Topping takes five different paths through the perilous world Carter creates, to illuminate themes, links between the stories, and some of the concepts behind them.

Greenwich Exchange 2009